Progress: $0 / $6M Goal

OMSDA Overview

OMSDA is a unique fundraising platform that provides a focused crowdfunding solution for capital-intensive construction projects in excess of $5 million. Our goal is to remove the infrastructure-financing burden to allow ministries to flourish. We focus on helping ministries in the following areas:


Positive healthy outcomes rely on access to medical care that informs, encourages, and supports healthy lifestyle choices. We look for projects in development that will service underserved areas where we can be most impactful.


A solid education is the foundation of success. Educational success relies, in part, on the capital infrastructure where learning takes place. At OMSDA, we take pride in playing a role in providing a fundraising solution that can help contribute to a safe and technologically relevant environment where our students can flourish.


Ministries that provide a solution to practical, everyday needs, open the doors of the hearts of the residents of the community. Whether it is after school programs, feeding initiatives, or GED programs, ministries are more effective when they have facilities in which these programs can operate. OMSDA provides the avenue to raise significant capital to construct these buildings.